Black snake

this is my book review on a book about Ned Kelly

this whole book is about  Ned Kelly’s life and how he became famous

other intresting things about this book is it also tells you about is family and relatives and all the people involved in his life

Cyber safety

today i learnt a lot of things about being safe on the Internet like go through your friends list and think wich of these people would I have over and the people I would leave on my friend list and the other delete 2.block people that are being mean


glo stick xylophone

think- i think this experiment will work because it looks like a very experiment and should properly work

wonder- I wonder how this experiment works because all you doing is putting a glo stick in water and it just sounda to simple.

feel- I feel excited about trying this experiment and seeing if it is true or or false

unpack- i do not think the experiment could be turned into a long movie maybe just a short clip like 5 mins or something like that.


Snap Shot!

Wooh this concert is so much fun I am so happy and so lucky I won those tickets online, crap I forgot to bring a friend great there goes a ticket… Muh let’s just paaaaarrrrrrttttyyyy!! Man I love this song but if only I knew who sung it? Oh we’ll let’s enjoy it why where here.


parsley rabbit is a book about how books are written and why books are very interesting and also tells you what type of things there are in books like flaps,folds and other things also what type of things to expect from a book like don’t jude it by its cover. I don’t really like this type of book it’s more of a 5-7 year old book because it’s not very long  and has a heap of pictures in it and not may words.

author-Frances Watts David Logge

All about water!

the giant duck comes slamming through the roof feeling raged  First person the duck sees it starts sprinting after the man with massive flickering razor sharp feathers but while the duck is running it stomps in a puddle of water and makes the duck 5x angrier at the man.

Mean while in another part of the village every one was evacuating with all of the ducks golden eggs all the villagers and on boats but the sound of the horns from the boat made the duck stop in shock and the poor and man was able to escape but now The duck is getting ready to to start chasing the boats. As soon as the duck gets into the air it’s already caught up to the boats all the villagers are thinking this is the end of life but then a small man comes of hiding with a harpoon and has only got one shot he started to aim then shmmm there goes the harpoon straight into the ducks chest now the duck smashes into the water hooooray! All the villagers shout! THE END